Extensively refurbished in 2010, she is fully stabilised and air-conditioned with accommodation for just 600 privileged guests. The unique size of Astor offers an intimate country house style allowing you to enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being among a select number of guests and to be pampered by the very attentive crew.

When travelling on larger ships it’s easy to feel intimidated, but on Astor it’s a different story. Whilst on board, you will be recognised by name and be able to enjoy a sense of familiarity not offered by other cruise lines. With fine cuisine, high class entertainment, comfortable lounges and accommodation, our philosophy is simply to ensure your voyage is an outstanding and memorable experience.

Astor has seven passenger decks and her wide range of public facilities include the impressive Waldorf Restaurant offering a traditional two sitting fixed time dining option, the Toscana and Romantic speciality dining rooms and, as an alternative, the more informal Übersee Club Bistro. There are five lounge areas - the theatre style Astor Lounge, for some truly sparkling entertainment from the wonderful show-team; the elegant Captain’s Club, a perfect venue for pre-dinner cocktails; the intimate Hanse Bar which leads onto the stylish Sun Terrace, with wonderful panoramic ocean views; and the Poolside Bar.

Other facilities include a well stocked Library, attractive Card Room, internet café and a shopping arcade featuring a boutique, jeweller and perfumery. The beautifully appointed Wellness Centre offers hairdressing and beauty treatments, an indoor swimming pool, ocean view gym with fitness and exercise equipment, and sauna and massage facilities. There is an outdoor swimming pool, two whirlpools and, in keeping with her heritage, a traditional walk around promenade deck. An outstanding feature of Astor is the sports deck where you can enjoy volleyball, half court tennis, table tennis, a jogging track, big board chess, golf practice and yoga.

*Premium 4-star is a CMV rating

Ship Departure Port Cruise Code Cruise Title Departure Date Nights
Astor Auckland A9AK4 Auckland to Adelaide 27/11/2018 7 More information
Astor Auckland A9AK3 Auckland to Sydney 27/11/2018 4 More information
Astor Auckland A9AK5 Auckland to Fremantle 27/11/2018 11 More information
Astor Sydney A9SY4 Sydney to Fremantle 01/12/2018 7 More information
Astor Sydney A9SY3 Sydney to Adelaide 01/12/2018 3 More information
Astor Adelaide A9AD3 Adelaide to Fremantle 04/12/2018 4 More information
Astor Fremantle A902 Christmas Party Weekend 08/12/2018 2 More information
Astor Fremantle A903 Festive South West Escape 10/12/2018 5 More information
Astor Fremantle A904 Christmas Party Weekend 15/12/2018 2 More information
Astor Fremantle A905 Christmas Cruise to Bali 17/12/2018 11 More information
Astor Fremantle A906 In Port Celebration 28/12/2018 1 More information
Astor Fremantle A907 New Year Celebration 29/12/2018 4 More information
Astor Fremantle A908 Coastal Adventure 02/01/2019 4 More information
Astor Fremantle A909 South West Escape 06/01/2019 5 More information
Astor Fremantle A910 Weekend Party Cruise 11/01/2019 3 More information
Astor Fremantle A911 Bali Holiday Cruise 14/01/2019 11 More information
Astor Fremantle A912 Australia Day Weekend 25/01/2019 4 More information
Astor Fremantle A913 South West Escape 29/01/2019 5 More information
Astor Fremantle A914 Cruise the Bight 03/02/2019 5 More information
Astor Adelaide A915 Weekend Coastal Experience 08/02/2019 3 More information
Astor Adelaide A916 Tasmanian Explorer 11/02/2019 7 More information
Astor Adelaide A917 Coastal Experience 18/02/2019 3 More information
Astor Adelaide A918 Tasmanian Explorer 21/02/2019 7 More information
Astor Adelaide A919 Weekend Coastal Experience 28/02/2019 4 More information
Astor Adelaide A920 Cruise the Bight 04/03/2019 6 More information
Astor Adelaide A9AD4 Northbound Voyage from Adelaide 04/03/2019 49 More information
Astor Adelaide A9AD5 Adelaide to Bremerhaven 04/03/2019 50 More information
Astor Fremantle A921 Fremantle to UK Voyage 10/03/2019 43 More information
Astor Fremantle A970 Australia to Cape Town 10/03/2019 20 More information
Astor Cape Town A971 Cape Town to UK 30/03/2019 23 More information
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